Introduction to Open Source Hardware


The Internet and cheap manufacturing made technology into a commodity. To avoid competing on cost alone, smart hardware makers use techniques learned from the software industry, and open up their know-how for a new model of innovation. How can open source give an advantage for both users and for creative companies?

Will make it interactive, no special skills required, only have to be interested. :)

The talk will be in English.

There's also a Facebook event for this talk.


Gergely Imreh (Facebook, Twitter)

Physicist, co-founder of the Taipei Hackerspace, and founder of Moonpunch - a project creating open hardware for makers & scientists.

I'll give a talk on this topic the following week at NTUST, and would like to check out the ideas I will include by talking about this in the Hackerspace beforehand.



Taipei Hackerspace / 太原路133巷26號4樓,

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